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On the Scene: Reclaim the Dream

I'm sure you have been overwhelmed with the news concerning this past weekend's festivities regarding the Restoring Honor and the Reclaim the...

Black Leaders Announce Move Against Glenn Beck’s Attempt to Distort MLK’s Dream

Black Civil Rights leaders are furious that they will not be able to organize a march to commemorate the 47th anniversary of the historic March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King's famed “I Have A Dream” speech at the...
by Pharoh Martin



What’s all the fussin’ for? You turn on your television and see the gatherings of angry, and honestly, mainly white people who are angry about, well, I don’t know. By looking at the posters, I would say that they don’...
by thesmug1



Tea Baggers: “Thank God for Glenn Beck!”

These idiots don't why the hell they were marching last week. They only know Glenn Beck told them to.
by Pharoh Martin


Target: ‘Hateful’ News Commentators

Cable news networks are doing nothing to curb the increasingly incinerate and false rhetoric coming from their political hosts and commentators against political figures of color. Therefore, advocates are going for their jobs.
by Pharoh Martin