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The Many Profiles of “Tokyo Faces”

                            A couple of years back, the onslaught of “man on the street” fashion photo blogs assisted in turning the then dictato...
by Austin Weatherington


Dwyane Wade’s Pants – NBA Fashion #SMUG or #NOTSMUG

Last night, for those that watched the NBA's Miami Heat defeat an injury filled Chicago Bulls team, you may have had the opportunity to see another one of this superstar's NBA fashion statements. #SMUG or #NOTSMUG What do you ...
by Victor Purcell


Life Kit Launches KickStarter Campaign

Our brothers down in Durham, NC have officially launched their KickStarter campaign for Life Kit Lifestyle. If you've been rolling with The Smugger for a while you may already know who these guys are from our collabs and also t...
by Victor Purcell



Review: Modern Tailor Custom Shirts

Modern Tailor is a unique company that specializes in  tailoring custom-designed dress shirts. The great things is their clients get to design the shirts themselves. You get to chose everything from the shirt fabric to to butt...
by Chidimma Aniebon


Trillecto is Exactly What DC Needed [RECAP]

The Smugger team hit the best music festival to grace the DMV in years this past Saturday. Trillectro, organized by DC to BC (whom I would like to refer to as pioneers from now on), provided a fusion of Hip-Hop and Electronica/...
by Chidimma Aniebon