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Eric Garner, and the Death of Unarmed Black Men by Police Officers

    On Thursday, July 17th, Staten Island man, Eric Garner added to the growing list of unarmed black men killed in America at the hands of police officers. The 43-year-old father of six children was choked to death b...
by Austin Weatherington

NFL: St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks

Richard Sherman, Sarah Palin & The King Holiday

The internet was ablaze yesterday with all the fallout from Richard Sherman and his post game remarks. I intentionally call them remarks because they weren’t a rant. They were thought out and measured and just so happened...
by Ray Baker


A Eulogy for Evan

When I woke up on Thanksgiving Day this year, I had three thoughts on my mind; I was happy my gym was open so I could get a holiday workout, I was excited about the Ravens Turkey Day showdown with our vaunted rivals the Steeler...
by Ray Baker



Reebok Drops Rick Ross After Rape Lyrics Protest

Well there you have it folks. Do you think Reebok made the right decision by dropping Rick Ross from the team? Let us know your thoughts.
by Victor Purcell