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Parking Sucks…The Answer to Your Woes

Drive around for 30 minutes looking for decent parking just to make the beautiful woman who agreed to let you spend time with her walk for 15 mins in the heels she put on just for you...OR drop her off in front to stand by hers...
by Victor Purcell


Facebook Purchases Instagram for $ 1 Billion… Please Say The Billion

Forget playing the lottery, Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger just hit the mega billions. Yesterday,
by Austin Weatherington


Ipad 3 Announcement On March 7th?

Apple has sent out invitations to what's widely-anticipated as the unveiling for the long-awaited iPad 3 to be held March 7 in San Francisco, according to reports.
by Pharoh Martin



Times You Wish You Could Kill Your Phone’s Auto-Spell Feature

Most of us have experienced some kind of auto-spell fail that resulted in an "oh shit" moment after you pressed send and look at what auto-spell replaced your intended word with.
by Pharoh Martin


Why Apple Released an iPhone 4S Instead of An Iphone 5

So maybe you've heard that a new iPhone was announced. Maybe you heard that it wasn't the "iPhone 5" but rather the iPhone 4S, which is essentially iPhone 4.5. People wanted the iPhone 5. They were let down when Apple's new CEO...
by Pharoh Martin