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Dwyane Wade’s Pants – NBA Fashion #SMUG or #NOTSMUG

Last night, for those that watched the NBA's Miami Heat defeat an injury filled Chicago Bulls team, you may have had the opportunity to see another one of this superstar's NBA fashion statements. #SMUG or #NOTSMUG What do you ...
by Victor Purcell


SMUGSHOT: The Carters and The President Brush Dirt Off Their Shoulders

The Carters hosted a fundraiser for the President recently. He wan't secretly recorded dismissing 47% of the country but he was photographed shaking off haters.
by Pharoh Martin


SNUG SHOT: Lebron James Accepts NBA MVP Award in Leggings…

  It’s official. The NBA’s Most Valuable Player award has been given to no other but the Miami Heat All-World Forward, LeBron James. This is LeBron’s third time accepting the award however this is his fir...
by thesmug1



Illinois Rep. Bobby Rush Wears Hoodie for Trayvon [SMUGSHOT]

Illinois Rep. Bobby Rush added to the support of the Trayvon Martin case by addressing congress in a gray hoodie and sun glasses.
by thesmug1


SMUG SHOT: Miami Heat Wear Hoodies For Trayvon Martin

Even athletes are trying to bring attention to Trayvon Martin's case. All Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and the rest of the Miami Heat donned their hoodies to ask if they are considered suspicious.
by thesmug1