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Top Cities in 2013 For Entrepreneurs [LIST]

Under30Ceo released their list of top cities for young entrepreneurs. If you are a nomad entrepreneurial type (like myself), someone looking for a promising alternative to your current location, or just curious to see where you...
by Victor Purcell


Gym Etiquette: Part 1- Bro Code Violations [LIST]

As I frequent the gym I realize that some of you fellas have no idea that you are violating multiple codes when working out. This is the first of a series of tips describing what to look out for while getting your body ready fo...
by Victor Purcell


Things Kanye West Hates

Kanye West let us know that he has haters. Many haters. He's known for that. But sometimes he let's us know what he hates.
by Pharoh Martin


College Graduate Looking At College Building

The Most Useless College Majors According To The Numbers

Obama is currently on the campaign trail trying to secure the youth vote by pushing for low rate college loans. That's great news because there too many people out here who have or have had "useless majors" that they are still...
by Pharoh Martin


Top 5 Famous Bromances That Men Will Never Admit To

Bromances. I thought long and hard before writing this post. You see I’ve never tested the girth of the sexuality landscape with the pen, and fully understand what type of pickle I could me getting myself into.
by Austin Weatherington