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February 4, 2013

Word-for-Word: Ed Reed on Super Bowl Victory

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When big time sporting events such as the Super Bowl take place it’s easy to get caught up in the stats, players, and general hoopla that surround such events. It’s difficult for fans, and even players to detach themselves from the game, and attach themselves to a deeper, more personal meaning. Last night after the Baltimore Ravens 34-31 Super Bowl victory against the San Francisco 49′ers, future Hall-of-Fame safety, Ed Reed, shared the story of what this Super Bowl journey meant to him.

Ed Reed talking to Deion Sanders :

I sat in my room, and I ain’t cut the T.V. on all week… Just looking at that river… Thinking about my brother… Hey man, Art (Modell) Torrey’s brother, everything we went through. To get this man. This is like the exclamation mark on my career… And I love football. I’m going to keep playing this man. This isn’t about us man, its bigger than the game. None of us would be here right now if it wasn’t for him man. Saving us to do what he did… It s not about me man, because I’m going to do my little part, I’m not perfect. I’m going to do my little part to help these kids to give them the information to be better men, better young men. Just like you helped me. We not perfect so we need to stop judging each other, help each other, and encourage each other. I know its tough times, we all go through it, we need to help each other.

Reed is referring to his brother who was found dead in the Mississippi River January of 2011, Former Ravens owner Art Modell who passed earlier this season, and the brother of Ravens receiver Torrey Smith, who also passed away this season.

See the entire interview HERE

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