A Penny Earned: The Preface [FEATURE]

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I was feeling good; and I was roughly 600 words in. The title dropped down like a gift from heaven, the body had some stickiness to it, and after some minor altering I was quite satisfied with the lede. With my golden rule in mind (never leave the keyboard hot) my once roaring thought train ran was now reduced to a slow putter, letting me know that it was time to put the piece in park.

The narrative was about being broke and was classic Austin Weatherington– truthful, humorous, and relatable. I wanted to use my experiences as a backdrop to tell a story, boldy depicting my trials and tribulations while hoping the reader would find value somewhere along the way. As I eyed the save button, and was directed to my draft folder I noticed a piece that I’d written a few months back that had a similar storyline. Continuing down the folder I came across yet another piece that also detailed broke life.

The initial excitement about the post was now reduced to sorrow and confusion; so I paused, thought for a second, and came to a few conclusions. Apparently art was imitating life far more than I knew because I was beginning to sound like a broken record with this whole “no money” thing. If, in fact, my style was turning into a broken record, could the record at least be Two Chainz ?(Cue: “I’m Riding Around and I’m Getting It”).

This sad state of affairs lead me to two undeniable conclusions. One, me and Brokeisha have been dating for a quite a while now; and two, I had to think of something else to write about–But what? All I know is piggy-backing off my story, pimping out my own life; besides I was in a good groove.

If I was going to continue to talk about broke life I had to show my growth. I had to share with the people not only my experience but impart my perspective; after all I was an elder statesmen of this shit. I had to hit this thing from all angles: share the physical, tap into the emotion, and grow the intellect. It’s like going from student to teacher. I decided that instead of merely sharing yet another post about broke life, I’d delve deeper into the subject and attempt to bring you along as I highlight some of what I believe to be major touchstones of my experience—all while making you think and hopefully saving you some money.

I’d like to thank all the employers out there who said no to a second interview, and all the ladies out there who said yes to a second drink. You were of equal importance and had you not been there, surely I’d have neither the fervor nor substance to write these words.

Most importantly though, I’d like to thank you, District of Columbia. You’ve taught me so much about life, and humbled me in so many ways. Sure we’ve had our fair share of issues ranging from messy public disputes, threats on each other’s livelihoods, and who can forget the occasional vandalism; but without a doubt you’ve molded me into the man I am today, and I say that with pride.

Lastly, this series is truly dedicated to all my brothas out there regardless of race, age, location, or political belief who are on the struggle. I hope this joint finds you where it needs to.

A Penny Earnedwill be a continuous autobiographical series taking you through what the writer, Austin Weatherington believes to be major aspects that contribute to a young man’s brokeness. The series will be featured every Friday here at The Smugger .

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