1 Smugger’s Perspective: Simma Down Now

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On election night, I watched CBS for the most part, ABC on occasion. I sat on my parent’s sofa (nicer than mine) watching and sipping some iced tea and lemonade – hopeful. As the winner of the states started to be called, I became elated. Not elated because I preferred Obama over Romney but because I understood the road that we as Americans would be skipping down if the Republicans got back in office. I said to myself, “you’d think people would understand where we’d been prior to Obama taking office. The mess he had to clean up. The ditch, the previous administration had left us in and how the majority of Americans expected Obama to snap his fingers and be a magician and somehow abracadabra us out of the mess.” As I sipped the iced tea and lemonade, a few more states were called for the President and I knew it was over at that point – he would prevail and the vitriol would start.

The vitriol? You mean people actually would be angry that Obama was elected, ahem, re-elected and with a whopping amount of electoral votes and a huge chunk of the popular vote. I said to myself, “self, if Obama won the electoral college and not the popular vote, there would surely be hell to pay.” Luckily, he won both and there was no mystery. Obama haters didn’t have to bring out a CSI team or Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple, or Easy Rollins or Alex Cross or the FBI to do some routine investigation into the matter. Yet, even with that remarkable victory a second-time mind you, people are still disappointed and freaking out. When I woke up this morning, I saw a headline that noted that people are petitioning to secede from the United States. Secede? You mean like become their own country. A United States II, or how about a United States part deux. People are that angry. I don’t understand it. I really don’t. I mean had Obama lost, I would have been angry, but not the point where I’d call for hitching a ride to Canada or better yet crafting a petition in a backroom somewhere to be a completely different country.

19 states want to secede. And not to mention, a woman in Arizona decided to run over her husband and make him a pizza because he didn’t get out there and vote (as you guessed she didn’t vote for Obama). This is the kind of cuckoo aid people are sipping on since Obama won re-election. People are mad. One woman even put on a black dress and said she was in mourning because Romney lost. The Donald called for a revolution. I almost want to scream, “simma down now. All will be well. Everything will work itself out. America will be okay. Obama really isn’t that bad, really he isn’t.” But that’s like watching paint dry or talking to a brick wall. People are angry. But why are they angry? Is it because Obama is Black and runs the show? I mean they can’t be that mad because Obama was fought almost his entire first term, disrespected and called Mister Obama 75% of the time by the media (okay, so I fudged the number more like 65%). So, we can probably predict that he’ll be fought during his second term because people like the status quo and Obama and the donkey party will shake things up. But the majority of the country has spoken. And loudly at that by re-electing President Obama.

Will the 19 states secede? That looks doubtful. I mean I heard of some out there stuff but it’s time to come back down from the Twilight Zone folks. As I finished my iced tea and lemonade that night, I thought, “maybe the Mayans were right. Maybe the end of the world is near because even after a sweeping victory Obama had, the country ain’t gon like that negro back in the White House.” I know I’m injecting race into the equation but for real real not for play play, did 19 states try to secede when Bush was re-elected or even Clinton? Were they disrespected? Did governors and Congressmen fight them every step of the way? My memory may be a little sketchy on things but I don’t recall that happening. But I haven’t taken my gingko today. Let me go do that.

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