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October 31, 2012

Word-for-Word: D.L. Hughley on “Visions of America” [AUDIO]

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Written by: Austin Weatherington
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“Intellectual Boner”. That is the phrase that best describes my feeling when someone unapologetically offers truth to a highly debated, opinion rich, politically correct ridden topic. The reason why my mind becomes so aroused is because usually the truth that is being offered can’t be ignored. It challenges the receiver to look at the offering dead in the face and acknowledge it, or what we’ve seen in many cases; deflect and spin it, to avoid having to admit it. D.L Hughley is our resident truth-teller in this edition of Word-for-Word. In an interview with NPR’s Michelle Martin (which I’m sure will be remembered for comments and quotes outside of this one) the comedian offered a straight shot of truth, no chaser, for folks wrestling with their thoughts of America and which way they’re going to go for President:

Who the hell doesn’t know who they’re going to vote for? Who is so disconnected from reality that they can’t see the stark difference between these two men and their ideas of this country? I think that idea of having a black man in the office has driven a lot of people crazy, and are acting so unreasonable that it’s almost impossible to have a reasonable conversation with them…

(On America) We’re like the guy who goes to the gym while the other guy goes to the library, and eventually the guy who goes to the gym is gonna call the other guy who goes to the library, boss or judge. The way we assess ourselves is based on our physicality and our ability to dominate…

I think we ( America) have to start saying the things we mean. We have to invest in our education, if we’re the Christian nation that we claim to be we should care about poor people more. Our benevolence can’t be predicated on what somebody does for us. It has to be just the right thing to do. We tout how benevolent we are but there is always a benefit. We’re not going to be benevolent to Haiti they don’t got no oil. So there always has to be something in it for us. The brochure of America is a lot better than the reality of it.

Listen to the entire interview HERE

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