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August 30, 2012

90′s TV Crush: Zaria From The Parent Hood: Reagan Gomez-Preston




The other day I was thinking to myself, who was the baddest “All-American” sitcom TV girl when I was coming up in the world (aka when puberty set in). Then it hit me; Zaria Peterson from Robert Townsend’s late 1990′s sitcom, The Parenthood (her real name is Reagan Gomez-Preston but today she shall be called Zaria). “Zaria” has definietly stayed active in Hollywood over the years and is now a mother, wife and a voice on the Family Guy spin-off, The Cleveland Show. Her main role is Roberta Tubbs but she is also the voice of several other female characters on the show.

Well Miss Zaria,  from the fellas at The Smugger, thank you for being one our first TV crushes back in the day; AND you still got it…salute!

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Victor Purcell
Victor Purcell


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  1. Poody1991

    i name my frist born after her

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