Trillecto is Exactly What DC Needed [RECAP]

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The Smugger team hit the best music festival to grace the DMV in years this past Saturday. Trillectro, organized by DC to BC (whom I would like to refer to as pioneers from now on), provided a fusion of Hip-Hop and Electronica/Dubstep for close to 4,000 music lovers. The headliners, Los Angeles rapper ScHoolboy Q and Chicago DJ duo Flosstradamus, game-changers helping to usher in the new generation of music, were among some of the most promising emerging artists in the nation including Philly rappers GrandeMarshall and Asaad, 2012 Dubstep Music Awards honoree Khadafi Dub, and my personal favorite of the day, Body Language. The fusion of styles reflected what is prevalent in music today; the coming together of different cultures to make something no one has ever heard before. There is no arguing the fact that we NEEDED this. The underground music scene in the DMV community has been hiding in the iPods of local music enthusiasts and college students, until now.

When you walked into the venue, it was as if you had just stepped into a shipping yard that had been cleared by drunken college students to put on a mini-concert. It was raw, uninhibited, pure FUN. It was also nice to know that two supposedly different crowds of people could come together because they all had one thing in common; the love of music. What better than good music, good people and good art to get your blood flowing?

If I had to put the style trend amongst the male festival goers into a category, it would be something between ‘hipster’ and ‘DC chill’. Is there such a thing? I had no idea, that is until I took a sweep around the fairgrounds. As you might have guessed, there were camo shorts and foamposites galore. The difference is now we have a lot more men getting hip to the vintage life (beyond camo shorts), mixing DC-style staples like foamposites and Jordan’s with thrifted sleeveless tees and tarnished tribal necklaces. There wasn’t much more than that. From my experience, festival culture is more laid back and relaxed than most. People tend to be more interested in having a good time and finding ways to keep cool in the 101 degree weather rather than looking their best.

Take a look at some of our favorite Trillectro fashion statements:


I know some of you are wondering the same thing I am; could this possibly be the east-coast Coachella? DCtoBC co-founder Modele “Modi” Oyewole is optimistic but realistic. “I think Trillectro is like a baby music festival,” he says to Complex, “I’ve been to raves, concerts, and a few festivals, and this was like a mini-taste of the big leagues. In reality, it’s nowhere near as awesome as a Coachella or a Lollapalooza, or at all good. But if we can get it anywhere close to there, I’d be proud of us.”

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