ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith on Chad Johnson & Evelyn Lozada – [VIDEO]

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Sports fans…It’s not looking too good for Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson right now. His wife of 6 weeks, Evelyn Lozada, called the boys on o’l Chad for an alledged headbutt.

Let’s make one thing clear: THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR A MAN TO LAY HANDS (or forehead) ON A WOMAN.

Now,  reality TV isn’t one of The Smugger’s normal subjects but I think this situation and situation like it are a learning lesson for our readers. MARRIAGE IS NOT A GAME AND SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN LIGHTLY.

The facts: Chad has spent the night in jail, posted bail and lost his job with Miami Dolphins within hours of the media getting this story out to the public. Evelyn Lozada lost her reality show.  This is where Reality TV Becomes Reality…No job, messy marriage (they’ve only been married for 6 weeks) and I don’t need to go any further since I know just as much about what went down as you do.

Check out this commentary by Stephen A. Smith regarding this situation and the lessons that should be learned. I think he makes some great points but let us know if you agree or disagree!



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