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August 9, 2012

Flashback: Danielle Fishel aka Topanga…Still Hot

Tenjune Nightclub Celebrates One-Year Anniversary with Pete Wentz as Guest DJ

Tenjune Nightclub Celebrates One-Year Anniversary with Pete Wentz as Guest DJ


Do you remember Topanga from the 1990′s hit sitcom  Boy Meets World? If you are a late 70′s or an 80′s baby who grew up watching 90′s TV then you know eactly what 5’1″ heartbreaker I’m talking about (yeah, I said heartbreaker. She had little Cory Matthews out there feen’in’!) It was something about those lips, eyes and that long curly hair that made her one of the most memorable teenage stars coming up (for the fellas…and some ladies too I suppose). As you can see, she is still looking good today at 31.

I think she is single too fellas so who knows, your teenage dreams might come true (man go sit down somewhere LoL).

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