An Idiots Guide to Denim Care

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Denim 101


It’s been a long, hot summer, but fall is around the corner. The great thing about the wardrobe switch from summer to fall is that you don’t have to do too much. Denim is my favorite because it’s one of the only fabrics that you can wear all year long. With so much use going into them you would think the general public would know the proper way to care for them. WRONG.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that in order to keep that laid back (yet crisp) look, you need to wash your jeans a specific way. See, you learned something new today! Don’t worry, we’re not going for the crazy jean-head washing rituals here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t borrow some tricks of the trade to keep your jeans looking perfect for years to come.

      1.    PATIENCE

Wait 6-8 months before washing your denim. Washing a new pair of denim too soon mean decreasing your chances at a good fade. You can adjust the wait till your first wash depending on what your tasks while wearing them are (are you wrestling in the mud or sitting at a desk when wearing them?). Use your better judgment.

      2.     HANG DRY

This is one of the most important jean rules to live by. Throwing your jeans in the dryer is a sure way to cause that stiffness we all hate. Prolong that first wash by hanging them up to keep them fresh.

      3.     MACHINE

Unless you want your jeans to look acid washed, don’t use a commercial washer or dryer. Try a more gentle approach and hand-wash your jeans in a large sink.

 Check out GQ’s Most Iconic Denim Moments of All Time

The modern Levi’s 501 is born. Shit’s about to go down.
Jackson Pollock makes denim his in-studio painting uniform.
Bing Crosby is almost denied entry into a fancy hotel because of his denim duds. He retaliates with a denim tuxedo.
Marlon Brando in The Wild One, the blueprint for some of menswear history’s most seminal figures.
The Greatest Women in Menswear Moment of All Time: Marilyn Monroe in a Lee Stormrider jacket while filming The Misfits.
Paul Newman in Hud. No commentary necessary.
Bob Dylan turns denim into a counter-cultural statement. Deuces.
Martin Sheen throws on a jean jacket like a boss, causes every man who watches Badlands to grow chest hair.
Daisy Duke of The Dukes of Hazzard confirms that we do, in fact, love short-shorts.
Brooke Shields models Calvin Klein Jeans, makes paying big bucks for blue-collar workwear seem normal. The designer jean craze begins.
JNCO Jeans is founded by two goons, Milo and Jacques Revah.
A.P.C. is founded by Jean Touitou.
The grunge years. Thrifted, ripped-up denim becomes a thing.
Denim shorts begin their slow descent into jorts-dom, becoming baggy weekend wear for dads everywhere.
Alexander McQueen debuts “bumster” jeans in a collection called Highland Rape. Future designers are incepted with the idea to make low-rise waistlines.
Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wear matching Canadian tuxedoes to the American Music Awards. The denim gods weep.
Hedi Slimane introduces Dior Homme’s 19cm jean, the daddy of the modern slim-fit silhouette.
Scene kids say “no” to circulation: the skinny jeans craze begins in earnest.
The dark ages: Schlock-star Christian Audigier licenses the rights to produce Ed Hardy clothing and the proliferation of back pockets as canvases for overwrought, bedazzled branding begins.
The Worst Women in Menswear Moment of All Time: Katie Holmes popularizes the “boyfriend jean.” Give us our pantalones back, yo!
Balmain enters the menswear game, produces the much lusted-after, zipper-equipped “moto jean.”
Denim goes Savile Row with the launch of Scott Morrison’s bespoke destination, 3×1.
Ryan Gosling in Drive. Yeah, that satin scorpion jacket was sweet, but do you recall this look? Commit it to memory.
Tune in next week for your guide to buying that perfect pair jeans.
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