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I support Gabby and every African American who achieves their dream.

It was bound to happen. We’d have to find something to discuss other than her talent. Gabby Douglas took two gold medals (one with her team and one for the all-around event) and we couldn’t cheer her on – nope. Instead, we had to comment on the naps and tracks. I say naps and tracks because people thought she needed weave to make it big. The Gabby Douglas debate unearths a bitter truth, that we and I say we cannot be happy for each other.

As much hate as we’ve encountered over the years, you would think African Americans and I say this because every comment I’ve read about Gabby’s hair [in a negative framework] has come from an African American. The pathetic aspect of this reveals how far we’ve come as a people and how far we still have to go. Yet, as much as Gabby’s hair has been a debate, it brings to mind another question – who do we look to represent us? The answer is ourselves. While I was proud to watch Gabby win, I was also proud to watch others win as well. I am proud to be Black. Proud to be an American. Shoot, I’m proud to be getting the slate to write this. In June, Stephanie Robinson spoke on the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the concept that we hurt ourselves with the actions we do such as the Chris Brown/Drake drama, purchasing clothes like shackle shoes. It is almost as if we’re stuck in the past. Still waiting on massa to let us off the field, or out of the house.

We cannot seem to be happy for each other these days. We expected President Obama to be the Black President, doing everything for “us” and then when he didn’t we were shocked. We hated on Whitney, we hate on Mariah, we hate on Kobe, just hate. Unnecessary hate.

Perhaps I am making a mountain out of a molehill. Or maybe I’m the only one that feels this way. Perhaps I am reading way too much into the debate over Gabby, or the President or the Chris Brown/Drake drama or any other successful African American that we’ve decided to mock and make fun of or ridicule to our own detriment. Perhaps I need a reality check. Maybe it’s me who is seeing things that aren’t really there or not hopping on the haterade bandwagon. I don’t know. I know some will read this and start hatin’ on me for bringing it up. But you know sometimes we need to hold a mirror up to ourselves and see just how far we’ve really come as a people.

I wonder who the Obamas and Gabby are saying are mad in the photo.

Just an observation.

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