Real Life Hip Hop Flashback: Wu-Tang Circa 1994

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Hip Hop fans born in the 80’s or earlier should be able to remember when Wu-Tang dropped their first album in 1993. If like myself, you were too young to really feel the impact it made on all commercial rap music released post 36 Chambers, as you grew older you realized their talent and that they will be listed among the best groups of all time.

Check out this flashback from one of our readers/ Hip Hop fan who was blessed enough to be present during what most call the “golden era”…

Let me describe my first UNITY/Wu Tang Show. It was 5 dollars located on 9th and Hill st and the GRAVE DIGGAZ opened up for them. The venue was serving hot wings and fries for 3 dollars. I’m blazed out sitting on some grimmy mattress building with Ghost Face about females when all of a sudden the Gate Keeper and FruitKwaan (RIP) approach with some chicken and started cracking jokes. Then I see a …cipher so I walk up to it and who do I see spitten like it’s nothing a drunk Ice T and he even stood in the crowd with everyone else and watch the entire WU show throw down. And 90% of the crowd was black and then Latino. Bigga B RIP was collecting money at the door, Marcus (—-) was on the 1’s and 2’s not serrato and it was a legendary night in 1994… No other Hip Hop show in L.A will ever compare to that because no one is humble they are HollyWERD !   —Konfident

Do you have any classic moments in Hip Hop? Let us know!


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