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August 1, 2012


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Written by: Victor Purcell
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Wow…when I heard about this I was like “this is exactly what DC needs…I wish I would have thought of this first.”  (joking…Shout out to DC to BC).   Anyway , this  is definitely something that The Smugger crew will be checking out.  The lineup is on point and the location is one of  DC’s newest untapped outdoor venues. Whether  you’re a hip hop head, electronic music lover, artist,  music producer  like myself (shameless plug), or just a music lover  looking for a good time at a unique DC location, meet us out there!  Hit up the comment section or The Smugger on Facebook  and let us know if you plan to make it out. We love chatting with our readers in person.



on august 11th, 2012, thousands from DC, maryland, virginia and beyond will come together in the name of hip-hop and electronic music at the HALF STREET FAIRGROUNDS, an untapped venue right outside the Nationals Park and across the street from the Navy Yard metro stop. 20+ performances from the most promising emerging artists in the nation, all of whom, if you asked them, couldn’t categorize their sound very simply or put themselves into a box. besides, lanes are for lames, and nobody likes being pigeonholed. as featured band phony pplsaid,

“we, just do our thing / i rap when i want, and when i want / i will siiiiing…”

that’s the mindstate of every act on this bill – DJs, producers, rappers, singers, and everything in between. believe you’ll see a whole bunch of all of that at trillectro.

what makes trillectro different than any other awesome music festival that you’ve heard of or been to? trillectro reflects the new generation. it’s the age of DO IT YOURSELF – DIY. whether it’s launching and successfully funding a kickstarter, or creating and branding your accessories line on etsy. we don’t have to wait for anybody to do anything for us because we can do it ourselves. that’s how DC to BC was created, and that’s how the talent recruited for this festival has been so successful. it’s not some big corporate machine coming into DC trying to harness “cool” for a quick buck, either. it’s put together by a group of kids who love music and want to share the good sounding stuff with the masses. this is an event for the doers, by the doers.

Shout out to Mike at Parking Panda for putting me on to this event. If you’re driving and don’t feel like searching for parking for 45 minutes make sure you check out Trillectro Parking.

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