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April 13, 2012

Kevin Hart Lands New Show on BET

BET landed the hottest comic in Black Hollywood for a new show. Kevin Hart, fresh off of his starring role in Think Like a Man, is heading to the small screen with House Husbands, a comedy based on the sketch Hart did for the 2011 BET Awards, which parodied the Real Housewives reality show except it featured  guys with famous wives and girlfriends. The original sketch featured Nelly, Nick Cannon, Anthony Anderson, Bobby Brown and Jermaine Dupri along with Hart but BET didn’t reveal who would  join the comic on the series version.

See the sketch from 2011 BET Awards below. 


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Pharoh Martin



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  1. LMAO..that video clip is too funny lmao

  2. Toyathms

    Did that say”BONNY Brown,” and “JUMAINE Dupree?” Lol, that’s funnier then the clip!!

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