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June 24, 2011

NBA Draft Day Fashion [Photos]

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Written by: Pharoh Martin
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Lucky for us, most of the NBA’s draft prospects played it safe on draft day. San Diego State’s Kawhi Leonard, who went to the San Antonio Spurs, could be singled out as lottery pick the who treaded closest to Wesley Johnson travesty waters with his black with white accent get up but it wasn’t actually that bad. It turned out to be a formal translation of his future team’s jersey colors. The Jimmer looked like the missionary guy who’s probably going to knock on your door this weekend but, then again, he’s supposed to. He went to BYU and he’s the Jimmer (I just like saying that). I have to give best dressed to the NCAA champ Kemba Walker, who’s finely-tailored soft blue and plaid patterned tie with pastel handkerchief matched perfectly with his Charlotte Bobcat draft hat.

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