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March 24, 2011

Smug Phrase of the Week: ” Running Off at the Fingers”

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Written by: Austin Weatherington
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The invention of social media has granted more and more people the access to express and share their ideas with the world. However, there are many tragedies that come along with these open communications platforms. I can’t tell you how many misguided, left-field, overwhelmingly amusing opinions that I am forced to read once I log on to my Facebook. Being guilty of it myself from time to time, I thought I’d share with the world the phenomenon known as “Running Off at the Fingers”

Smug Definition;
Running Off at the Fingers- When someone attempts to sound overly intelligent via the keyboard; and usually end up leaving words misspelled, stating wrong or said facts, and using information totally out of context.

These excerpts have been taken from various Facebook statuses. Due to the abundance of spelling and grammatical errors, the identity of these people will be kept private.

Facebook response regarding a male and female plutonic relationships:

How do you all keep those relationships that way? Withough 1 party trying the other? Men are better at controlling their emotions while females are better at controlling their hormones…How do you keep from wanting or persueing the other if they are attractive people physically and mentally?

Same person giving another misguided error-filled response:

Now most people may dissagree with me, but i feel when persueing a relationship that that person should be a great friend to you first if anything…wouldnt a platonic friend whom you have known for a while and trust fit perfectly into that category? Especially if you actually find them attractive and vice versa? obviously you cant persure everyone of your friends but whats wrong with that 1 that do…you are obviously interested in more than their looks right? Just a question tho

Don’t get caught “Running Off at the Fingers”

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Austin Weatherington
Austin Weatherington


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  1. vic

    HaHaHaHa LMAO!

  2. vic

    Everything put on the “worldwide web” is subject to be used against you or to help you…think before you speak AND type.

  3. Ray B.

    Not to be “Smug” or anything but it’s ironic the article is about running off at the fingers and misspelled words and the author uses “plutonic” when they meant to use “platonic”. Just a humble observation.

  4. Jeff Toliver

    Thank you ray…i’m glad that you pointed that

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