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September 27, 2010

5 Reasons Why She Won’t Tell You The Truth

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Written by: Austin Weatherington
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For years men have been bullied into the truth. One way or another the truth seems to round the corner and knock at the door of your relationship. Whether it be your own guilty conscious, your high sex partner reputation, or your sloppy, simple-minded excuses. True to their private eye, CSI instincts, even if they don’t tell you; females always find a way to sniff out the case.

On the flip side men are pretty much clueless as to what their lady is doing or has done. Let me be the first to tell you, the saying everything that happens in the dark eventually comes to light, does not at all apply to women.

Also don’t think that your going to outwit her and somehow catch her up. Women have lies for their lies, some women’s lies are so complex and intricate that you would need a scientific calculator to figure them out.

As men, we are pretty simple: If our friends have not told us anything about her background, things fit tighter rather than loose, and she tells you that she loves you– curiosity is killed, and we are pretty much eating out of the palm of her hand.

Seeing that women are more believable, elaborate, liars than men, I realize when I am beat and proceed with caution. Women have the uncanny ability to totally disregard reality and jump straight into whatever world they have conceptualized in their minds. To that end there is only one logical ideology for men to adopt–BE CONTENT WITH NOT KNOWING EVERYTHING. I know that sounds silly, but it is mutually beneficial. However, for those fools, uhh I mean fellas who have that insatiable appetite for the truth, here is a little assistance to why your lady may not be keeping it 100.

1. It Will Ruin Your Image Of Her -Men are visual creatures and the last thing she wants to do is ruin that euphoric image that you have of her with something other than what you have created. She does not want that image cracked along with your ego.

2. Her Sex Number Is Higher Than Yours- The reason why she was not flabbergasted by your sex number is because hers was either similar or higher than yours. She understands that no man wants to wife “everybody’s friend” so she does not flip out when you say your number, she just keeps it moving.

3. They Messed With Somebody You Know- Often times this is the ultimate deal-breaker and bicycle kick to the scrotum. Extremely self explanatory, after all you saw The Wood.

4. It Will Ruin The Image She Has For Herself- Nothing is more valuable to a woman then her self-esteem, and if she has made some mistakes in her past she does not want those things to be tugging at it, and as a man neither do you. For the relationship you want the most self-assured woman as possible.

5. Because She Knows You’re Crazy As Hell- Some men simply can’t handle the truth, and women know that. Amid hearing the news you may feel like channeling your inner Ike Turner, and she ain’t trying to play Annie Mae. She does not want you obsessing over who is calling her, and who she is spending her time with. She knows that she is no longer that women, and wants you to trust her.

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Austin Weatherington
Austin Weatherington


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  1. I like to think of ‘firsts’. But you should never have to ask the energy of the moment should let you know if it’s a first for the both of you. LIke underwater sex.

    BUt seriously, after you turn 21, you shouldn’t be asking about numbers anyway.

  2. Jeff

    Cant forget about “Best Man” that movie hit home for lots in

  3. Jeff

    On another note…the word Female was derived from the word Feline…beautiful creatures that will scratch, claw, and bite their way out of any given situation. No matter what happens or how they fall they always land on their feet. And no matter what you say or do you can never catch them. THAT’S JUST HOW IT IS!! Except it fells and move on. Trust me, your relationship will last a lot longer and yall will be much happier if you do…lol

  4. KIM


  5. kamal

    im definitely agreeing with them all. Number 4 is the best of them all.

  6. Claudia

    I completely agree with this, women are creatures that think ahead and cover all bases. Sometimes it is better to just not ask and dig for things because you might not like what you find.

  7. Jeff

    I agree with DruKid 100%…like 50 once said, “Don’t indulge in my past Fuck what happened before ya”

  8. Sheri

    I think they are all true, they all don’t apply to me but I try to be honest at all times. I’ll never put myself in a position where I have slept with someone’s friend, I won’t deal with someone that’s crazy. I recently got out of a relationship and in this healing process I am enjoying being me and I cringe at the thought of having to impress someone else. Even though I may wait to tell some people some things I like to be up front and honest (there is a time and a place for everything) Sex number… doesn’t matter to me, a healthy sex life is a part of human nature, I can’t judge anyone for being human that’s like judging someone for making simple mistakes. You cannot judge someone based upon a high sex number. I am very comfortable with my sexuality and have no problem in telling people. I have an image of myself as a lady classy intelligent, funny, kind, selfless, honest and I uphold it at all times but in the bedroom I do what I do. I aim to please and I only invest my talents in those that respect me and can appreciate my talents. Love making, sex whatever you want to call it is a two way street, I won’t lay on my back like a corpse and don’t expect my partner to. ;) Respect comes first, if they ask I will tell. I simply say this is who I am take it or leave it and if you don’t want me then kick rocks! There is someone out there that will love me for me. Judge me if you want to but everyone has skeletons in their closet.

  9. Jeff Toliver
    Jeff Toliver

    @Sheri: WILL YOU MARY ME? #ImJustSayin …lol

  10. sheri

    @ jeff…LMAO!!! Facebook me!

    @ austin…thanx I try to “keep it real”!

  11. Jeff

    @Sheri…could i get a last name with that…LMAO!!

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