When in Doubt… Go Khaki

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In my eyes, the perfect definition of “Summer-time-Casual” would be a fresh pair of Sperry Boats, a crisp polo shirt, and of course a pair of timeless freshly pressed khaki shorts. It’s actually one of my favorite all purpose outfits. Now for those of you who don’t know, khaki is a strong twilled cloth whose original purpose was for the use of military uniforms but over the years the khaki look has became an All-American substance.

The term “khaki” actually originated from the Hindi tongue, meaning dust-colored, and refers to a shade or color that is used with this material. You can find these shorts in the original classic fit or cargo style. Cargo happens to be my style of choice because I’m one that loves details, lots of pockets, zippers, buttons, etc…

Key note: Although Khaki shorts are known for their light to dark tan color, you can also find them in Navy, Black, Army Green and White. No matter what the color khaki shorts never fail, especially when you have absolutely no idea what to put on. They’re about as basic as blue jeans, simple, clean and you never have a problem finding something that matches. The bottom line is that you can’t go wrong with khaki.

Below are just some examples of some looks that might fit your style for the summer.

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