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Pen and paper

Mis (lede) ing

Posted  April 5, 2014  by  Austin Weatherington

                        Late last night I reluctantly forced my way over to my computer. I was reluctant because I was now attempting to make good of a promise I made earlier in the week;  a promise that I’ve made before, a promise that this would […]

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NFL: St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks

Richard Sherman, Sarah Palin & The King Holiday

Posted  January 21, 2014  by  Ray Baker

The internet was ablaze yesterday with all the fallout from Richard Sherman and his post game remarks. I intentionally call them remarks because they weren’t a rant. They were thought out and measured and just so happened to be loud. Plenty of people have written about the responses Sherman got including Sherman himself.

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Posted  November 15, 2013  by  Austin Weatherington

I wrote this joint because I needed to laugh. There’s really no rhyme or reason, temperature or season (don’t steal that). Albeit a written laugh, I simply needed to take a step back from everything happening in the world and let out  an obnoxious, finger pointing, crowded movie theater type of laugh. You know, the […]

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REVOL ( The Backward Lover)

Posted  November 9, 2013  by  Austin Weatherington

I’ve got a lot of blood in my mouth; however, I assume there are consequences for those of us who bite our tongue. 3: 00 AM was the time on a breezy midsummer night, and quite frankly blood’s bitter taste was becoming too much for me to bear.

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Sports Talk

Who You Got ? : Top 5 Storylines of this NBA Season

Posted  November 4, 2013  by  Christian Bolden

Ahhhhhh, I can hear tennis shoes screeching on hardwood courts all across America. That’s right it’s the most wonderful time of the year–basketball season.

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